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Premier Trust

Expertise in Asset Management and Portfolio Structuring

Proprietary Investment Strategies

Investment strategies aimed at containing portfolio returns volatility

Risk Control

Observance of the maximum level of risk agreed with the customer

Premier trust

Wealth and Asset Management professional services company

Premier Trust is authorized in Switzerland as financial intermediary and it proposes itself as Investment Manager. Thanks to the expertise of the internal management team the company is able to structure portfolios specifically designed on the investor requirements. In full transparency and with the security of the deposit at a Swiss Banking Institute.

Discretionary asset management mandate

To manage financial assets requires the necessary technical expertise in defining the optimal portfolio and, on the other, the ability to diversify investments to attain the best possible return, taking into consideration the level of risk accepted and declared by the customer.

For clients without such skills or with limited time available to manage their assets the ideal solution is the discretionary asset management mandate which delegates to professionals the daily monitoring of the markets and the investment decisions, based on previously agreed risk-return objectives.

Our team is able to structure portfolios specifically designed on the investor requirements. In full transparency.

The quality of the financial instruments that compose our clients’ portfolios, along with a correct balancing, is essential to the good outcome of the investment.

Premier Trust has developed proprietary investment strategies aimed at containing portfolio returns volatility, that are put at investors disposal according to their own time horizon, risk-reward goals, return expectations and to possible future realization needs for other applications, programming and verifying every choice.

Customers choose the investment line that most closely matches their needs, ensuring a tailor made asset management service.

proprietary investment strategies

Risk control

From the more traditional “profile-based” management solutions (always defined, however, on the basis of the specific needs and objectives of the individual investor), the offer of asset management products extends to mandates defined with a view to searching for “absolute returns”, and to the “flexible” management service, but always in observance of the maximum level of risk agreed with the customer.

The absence of predefined benchmarks allows managers ample room for flexibility, which enables them to fully grasp market opportunities, thanks to the definition of tactical portfolio allocation, in support of a long-term strategic view.