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Premier Consulting Group is a leading independent global provider of comprehensive wealth management and investment solutions, along with services in company formation, administrative tasks, secretarial support, and more. For clients aiming to enhance their digital footprint and streamline their operations, our collaboration with top app development specialists acts as an essential resource. This partnership is seamlessly integrated into our broad service portfolio, ensuring that our clients not only manage their wealth efficiently but also capitalize on cutting-edge technology to secure the future of their businesses.

Our clientele primarily includes a diverse range of players, from institutional investors like investment and management companies to professional investors such as family offices, financial advisors, and wealth managers, extending to high-net-worth individuals and their families.


Protecting your assets is fundamental to managing your wealth. One of the most important duties requires the trustee to hold and manage the trust fund solely for the benefit of the beneficiaries.


A trust constitutes a confidential relationship involving the settlor, the trustee, and the beneficiaries. In most common law jurisdictions, there are no registration requirements, and no details or records are automatically provided to any government agency.


We aim for steady growth that is uncorrelated with traditional benchmarks and, therefore, to market trends. This approach means the opportunity to make profits even when stock prices are falling and traditional investments are losing money.



In a volatile and uncertain world, security and continuity are key to ensuring financial stability for international families and their future generations. As Trustees, we are acutely aware that the duties of a trustee carry some of the highest responsibilities imposed by law.


The assets of each Cell issued by our platform are segregated by Maltese Law. Assets and liabilities pertain to each individual Cell, ensuring no cross-contamination (i.e., creditors of one cell may not claim against another).


A trust establishes a private relationship between the settlor, the trustee, and the beneficiaries. In most common law jurisdictions, there are no registration requirements, nor are details or records automatically furnished to any government agency.


We are able to issue Asset-Backed Notes with an eligible ISIN code, which are listed on the Vienna MTF Stock Exchange and can be traded daily.


We offer our clients a dynamic securitization platform to securitize and finance any type of asset, both bankable (such as financial assets and actively managed certificates) and non-bankable (including real estate projects, trade receivables, and fine arts).


We provide a wide range of services specially devised for high-net-worth individuals, including offering relocation advice and creating integrated solutions to cater to their financial and logistical needs.


We have developed proprietary investment strategies aimed at containing portfolio return volatility. These are made available to investors based on their individual time horizons, risk-reward goals, and return expectations.



We are a one-stop shop specifically catering to the needs of businesses, industries, and individuals who wish to register companies in the United Arab Emirates. We offer VAT registration services and assistance in obtaining Tax Residence Certificates for both corporate and individual clients


We have established contacts with all major reputable banks. We can introduce your business or individual needs to selected banking institutions and fully administer and operate your personal or company bank account.



In over 20 years of activity in Ireland Premier Consulting Group has developed a strong expertise as Trust and Corporate Service Provider authorised by the Department of Justice and Equality.


In over 30 years of activity Premier Consulting Group has developed an in-depht expertise in a broad range of financial and corporate products including Wealth Management, Trust, Fiduciary Services, Company Formation and Administration for international clients.


Premier Consulting Group has esthablished a Securitisation Cell Company acknowledged by the MFSA to issue financial products in form Private Placements under the Maltese Securitisation Law.

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