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About Us

Premier Consulting Group is an independent global service provider of a broad range of Company Formation, Administrative, Corporate Secretarial, Real Estate Advisoring, Family Office and Support Services.

Premier Consulting Group has a professional experience of over thirty years serving small, medium and big enterprises and professionals with a full range of corporate, consulting, management and secretarial services.

We provides advisory and management services for the establishment and administration of efficient companies and trust structures, in order to optimize tax liability and administrative burden, assuring the compliance of national and inter-governmental tax laws, treaties and jurisdictions.

We mostly provide a broad range of services to corporate, but also to high-net-worth clients around the world.

Premier is able to provide the full gamut of financial services expected in this business era.

​Our experienced staff will examine your assets or portfolio, delivering a tailor made solution designed to maximise your business’s potential and minimise the tax liability.

Our WORLD offices

In over 30 years, Premier Trust has developed an in-depth expertise in the asset and wealth management industry and provides the full range of services for Switzerland companies as well as for international fiduciary structures.

Management Consultancy Firm and Register Agent duly licensed by the Ras Al Khaimanh Investment Authority for the incorporation of Rak IC and Rakia Offshore Company.

Independent Trust and Corporate Service Provider serving international companies seeking to establish or restructure their operation through Ireland.

Securitization Cell Companies based in Malta and focused on issuing a series of Securities linked to specifics created compartments, in the form of notes, whose value or yeld is derived from the underlying.