Privacy Policy


Our Privacy policy is established to inform our clients and visitors about the process of obtaining, using and protecting information via our website. We want to ensure your privacy when you visit our website. We will be continuously updating this policy to reflect changes within our firm and to adapt to new technologies.

Type of Information Collected:
We do collect information about you from our website. If you are a visitor to this site then we do not collect any personal nature information. We do, however, collect automatically your traffic data such as: IP address, domain server, type of browser. Please be aware that this type of data cannot identify you personally, but is more of a general type of collection of data so that we can make your experience on our website more enriching. We also use cookies to help make going through our website a better experience by customizing it. For example, cookies allow for us to change our promotional material, so that you do not see the same material again. In addition, we also use it to store your passwords (if required) so you do not have to re-enter it every time you log-in.
The only time we collect personal nature type information is if you chose to provide that to us. We do collect your contact information (name, address, etc), demographical information (location, age, etc) and financial information (account number, etc) (if required). All surveys and forms filled on our website become part of this personal information that we gather about you. In addition, when you submit your resume or other details online for applying for an opening at our firm or at one of our clients, please be rest assured that your resume will be handled with the same level of confidentiality as if you had submitted it through regular mail.

How Do We Use the Information We Collect?
The personal information that we collect about you is used to send you information about Premier Consulting Group and Company and its affiliates’ products, services and other promotional materials. We may also use your personal information to determine which of our services suit your needs, to customize our site for you and even contact you if the need arises.

Choice to Opt-Out from Giving Personal Information:
The personal information you provide to us is optional. You may choose not to give us any personal type of information. In that case, you will be able to access most of our website; however, you will not be able to access our website that requires personal information to be entered. If you have given us personal information and do not want us to contact you or send you any promotional materials, you may write to us. At your written request, we will ensure that we remove you from our mailing list and do not contact you with our promotional material.

Additions or Correction of Personal Information:
If the personal information you provided to us has changed or any other information needs to be added, you can update us with your new information by sending a written request

Protecting Your Personal Information:
We will keep your personal information private and will not give it to third parties (not including Premier Consulting Group ‘s affiliates and associates) unless it is required to comply with a court ruling within any jurisdiction or in the case to protect our rights and property.

Updates and Changes to our Privacy Policy:
We reserve the right to change, add or modify in any way this Privacy policy without notice, as and when needed, as determined by us. The change in the privacy policy will be effective immediately as posted on the site. It is your responsibility to regularly visit the privacy policy page to see any updates to this policy.

Lost or Stolen Information:
In the event that you use our password protected services, please ensure that if your username or password is lost, stolen or used without your authorization, inform us as soon as possible. We will make sure we cancel that username and password and will update our records with this information.

Consumer Recourse:
If you feel this website is not following this stated privacy policy or if you have any questions or concerns about this policy or your privacy, please contact us at:

Other Limitations to Your Privacy:
Our website includes links to other websites. Please note that when you use a link to go to another website, our Privacy Policy is no longer under effect. We are not responsible for the content and practices of that website. Any personal information that you provide on that website is out of our control. You will then be bound by that website’s policies, so please ensure that you read them before proceeding.

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