Premier Realty Limited

ABOUT PREMIER Realty Limited

Premier Realty is a global management consulting firm originally headquartered in Dublin, Ireland and offices in Switzerland and United Arab Emirates and specialized in management and strategy consulting such as real estate advising.

Premier Realty thank to its network of affiliates is capable to serve its client globally supporting their infrastructure investments and assets and supports companies on transformational change according with the market fluctuations identifying the best to improve productivity, reduce cost and consistently helping in the achievement of their business goals.


Holding Company

Due to its extensive network of double taxation treaties and the benefits deriving from being onshore EU jurisdictions, Ireland has becoming a leading location for establishing of holding companies

Intellectual Property Registration and Management

Premier is an internationally recognized adviser in the defence and strategic exploitation of intellectual property’s right.
Offering a wide range of services, administrative and consulting, Premier is able to tactically take care of its client’s commercial brand, advising on the best jurisdiction to optimize payment on copyright or trademark royalties

Special Purpose Vehicles

In light of its tax favourable regime and the extensive range of Double Taxation Treaty, Ireland is a leading jurisdiction for the establishment of a Special Purpose Vehicle (“SPV”).
Section 110 of the Irish Taxes Consolidation Act, 1997, as amended. Premier’s team monitors the procedure to the duly establishment and the operation of the SPV ensuring that the entity is fully compliant with all laws and regulations.

Italian NPL Market

Premier team offers investments in Italian NPL portfolios originated by banks that tend to be more of a "mixed bag" in terms of the asset mix.
Premier team identifies the right opportunities to acquire the Italian NPL portfolios at the right price and the right strategy for servicing activities (collection), to match and exceed the market sector recovery benchmark.